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FitnessU, specializing in the latest and most effective in-home and onsite personal fitness training and life coaching techniques, FitnessU uses over twenty years combined industry experience to provide a personal transformation process that brings long term successful results.

Keeping clients constantly motivated through the use of specialized personal trainers, a variety of indoor and outdoor exercises and passion for what we do, the FitnessU team is completely dedicated to achieving every client's desired results.

The FitnessU personal trainers come to you, thereby saving you time, inconvenience and costly membership fees. We use your home, office or park to deliver a highly effective, individually tailored and fun experience. No gym? No problem! Through experience and creativity we have all the necessary equipment to provide our fitness and wellness services wherever you are. We work with you to achieve your goals.

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About Us

FitnessU Hong Kong was founded by Tali Weiss, a certified fitness trainer from the Wingate Institute in Israel and a certified co-active life coach from the Tel-Aviv University. With an unwavering belief in fitness and a quest for complete wellness, FitnessU uses a combination of fitness and life improvement programs to develop and tailor a truly unique program for each FitnessU client.

FitnessU focuses on delivering industry expertise, personal guidance and unrelenting motivation across everything we do. Our goal is to assist each and every client in achieving positive changes in their lives through making healthy choices and implementing sustainable programs. With over twenty years experience in providing private and corporate clients with personal training services, FitnessU is continually adapting to the ever changing market. Recognizing that both corporate and personal wellness has become key factors in people's everyday lives, FitnessU provides a more than personal training; we provide a life changing experience.

FitnessU Personal Training

The Results

• Improved body shape and posture

• Sustainable weight loss and fat reduction

• Increased confidence and well-being

• Reduced stress and fatigue

• Increased energy levels

• Decreased current and future health problems

• Assisted and sustained recovery from injury & illness

• Long-term exercise adherence

Our Team

Our trainers are qualified experienced and highly motivated to help you achieve your goals!

The FitnessU workouts are never boring, always fun and totally exhilarating. Want to know more? Please contact us or book your free session.

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Our Programs

FitnessU programs

Our One on One programs

• General fitness

• Weight loss

• Pilates

• Yoga

• Muay Thai Boxing

• Tai Chi

All One on One programs include:

• Full fitness assessment from our fitness experts

• Individualised program design to achieve desired goals

• Progress monitoring and reassessment

• Nutritional counseling

Our Group Programs

Fitness U Group Training

• Boot camp

• Cross fit

• Circuit training

• Muay Thai Boxing

• Yoga

• Pilates

• Zumba fitness

• Aqua fitness

With our professional trainers and unique fitness programs you will be able to successfully achieve your desirable goals.

For more information please contact us at

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Service and Price

FitnessU packages

Package A 10 sessions - 4,700¥ (470¥ per session)

Package B 15 sessions - 6,600¥ (440¥ per session)

Package C 25 sessions - 10,250¥ (410¥ per session)

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